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Friday, June 1, 2018

This Week in Review - May 28 - June 1

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This week in math we revisited a place value game we played a lot at the beginning of the year – high number / low number. This game also has a lot of probability and strategy involved, so it is a nice one that combines review of place value (what numbers actually mean) and our current theme. We also played a few new games, and talked about what makes a game “fair”. Rock, Paper, Scissors was played a couple of days – one time in a way that was deemed “fair”, and one time in a way that was decidedly “unfair”. We will continue to explore fairness in math games next week.

Big news in the world of mealworms! All of our mealworms pupated over the long weekend! And, on Friday, Lexi discovered that she is the proud parent of our first darkling beetle. This has been an exciting classroom science activity, and students are making very careful sketches and observations.

Lexi and Mia were our special readers this week, and we wrote in our memory books (for the first time in a loooong time! Children did well on the spelling challenges on Friday, and practiced their handwriting skills to music. These have all been routines we have done all year, and students agreed that improvements have definitely been made.

A very special event happened on Thursday – our culminating event for the City Pen Pal project. The postmasters delivered an invitation to a popsicle picnic in the courtyard for 1:00p.m. All pen pals came with their final letter to deliver in person. Some children knew who their secret pen pal was, but some did not. But all was revealed in a few minutes. It was a great end to a really lovely project.

On Friday, children did their very final project in Cardboard City. Teams of children had various supplies (cardboard, bendy straws, tape, pencils, string, pipe cleaners) and a mission to make a drawbridge. This was a tricky challenge, but all met with success and had a lot of fun. We have really learned to design, test, modify, and learn from our mistakes.


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