Daily Schedule

Friday, March 24, 2017

Helping our Bird Friends

This afternoon, our nature-loving students were happy to make some sweet "bird nest helpers". We noticed that one of the nests in my collection actually has animal fur (maybe horse hair?) and thin plastic string. We figured that birds will use what is handy, in order to make their homes cozy and useful.

Using bits of fluff, pieces of wool and string, and some feathers, they stuffed little twig balls I had hanging around (you should see my basement). With fingers crossed, we hung some of our creations on our front porch as we noticed a lot of bird activity there. It will be so fun if we happen to spot a nest with colorful feathers or yarn woven into it!

This Week in Review - March 20 - 24

This information will be found in Walter's weekly email:

In math class this week, we continued working on multiplication and division, as well as making progress in 
the Singapore Math books. Children are enjoying using the concept of arrays to make city scenes (buildings with
a set number of windows depending on dice rolls). 

We also had a special game day with Elaine's class on Friday, 
and taught them the ever-popular Guess/Digit/Place game. 

Writing time was filled with making progress on our workshop pieces - some children are illustrating, some are 
proof-reading, others are on to new projects. We are nearing the end of our current chapter book - Henry and 
Ribsy. With our current theme of sustainability, we started our big seed project. For the next few weeks we will 
be learning different techniques of seed saving. On Wednesday morning, Catie, a Water Quality Specialist from 
Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Office, visited. We will be working with her to build a rain 
garden in the ditch near the playground. This works so well with both our current theme of sustainability as 
well as our science lab lessons with Shan on Ecology (how things in nature interact with each other, and 
biotic v.s. abiotic). 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Snack Schedule

Mark Your Calendars - and Thanks!

March 27 - 31        August
April 10 - 14          Femi
April 17 - 21          Mia
April 24 - 28          Leland
May 1 - 5              Dillon
May 8 - 12            Lexi
May 15 - 19          Mila
May 22 - 26          Isaya
May 30 - Jun 2     Andrew
Jun 5 - 9               August
Jun 12 - 14           Susan

Final Special Reader Roster for 2016 - 2017 School Year

Mark your calendars! Everyone will get about two more opportunities to shine as Special Reader:

March 30 - August and Andrew
April 13 - Femi and Isaya
April 20 - Leland and Mila
April 27 - Mia and Lexi
May 4 - Dillon and August
May 11 - Andrew and Femi
May 18 - Isaya and Leland
May 21 - Mila and Mia
Jun 1 - Lexi and Dillon
Jun 8 - August and Andrew