Daily Schedule

Friday, December 14, 2018

This Week in Review - December 10 - 14

Our sharing of winter traditions continued this week with a sweet treat from a family in Grace’s room. Naomi’s grandparents (and mom) came in with everything needed for each child to make their own individually pressed shortbread cookie. This recipe, as Naomi related, has been passed down many generations, “from my great, great, great grandmother!” 

Then, on Thursday, Grace shared something that she used to do when she was a little girl – make ornaments from salt dough. This was a nice sensory treat for the children, which they all seem to need this time of year (we are all a bit more emotional, right?)

Emma and Mira, two of our newest first grade readers, did an outstanding job as our special readers on Monday. It was so nice to have Jason, Emma’s proud papa, as one of our audience members! We added a page to our memory books – this time practicing a type of writing known as procedural writing. We wrote step-by-step directions on how to prepare a birdhouse gourd. We finished our wonderful chapter book, Dominic, this week – it was so exciting!  During library time, we did a type of scavenger hunt to better learn where books are found. Melvil Dewey would be proud.

On Tuesday afternoon, we prepared lots of goodies for the Birdie Bake Sale on Thursday. Seeded pinecones, cereal rings, and cranberry/popcorn chains were all made ready for the big day. We also made posters to advertise, using all the important information you need – date, time, event name, and so on. We made sure to make our posters bright and eye-catching, too. All of our hard work paid off – we raised enough to sponsor our choice  - this year we will “adopt” a turkey vulture. We will visit this glorious bird in the spring.

In our math group, our magic trick is getting smoother, and we may be ready to put our show on next week, or maybe after break. We also made our top hats, which took math skills too (and patience and tape, lots and lots of tape!) We practiced another type of “magic,” – trying to get to “Kaprekar’s Constant” – 6174. Have your child show you!

In Science, we attached our bee’s body together, and then painted them. We also fashioned the wings out of wire and will attach these next week. This is all in preparation for our big presentation at Friday’s morning meeting. Of course, we will be a lot smaller in number, as so many of us are starting winter break early – but we will make you all proud!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bake Sale Success - and the Winning Raptor IS ...

We had a very successful "bake sale for the birdies" this morning! Everything sold out. After paying for all of the supplies, we still had enough for a gold level sponsorship (two years of care) of a raptor at the Leslie Science and Nature Center! This $220.00 donation will go for food, medical treatment, and everything else it takes to care for one of the beautiful birds of prey that can not be released into the wild due to significant injuries of one sort or another.

The children have learned a lot about raptors over the past couples weeks - especially these raptors. Careful consideration went into our drawings and our posters. I gave the children time, if they would like, to make short speeches about what raptor they felt most deserving of our sponsorship. We heard from several children who stood (or sat) and talked about their favorite ones - very moving and impressive! Then, we had a paper ballot vote, and the winning raptor IS.....

the glorious TURKEY VULTURE!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Birdie Bake Sale Prep

Many thanks to Caroline and Elizabeth - our heroes! - who helped with the bake sale preparation this afternoon. We are all set for our sale which will take place on Thursday morning, the 13th. Everything will be ready to go by 7:30a.m. by the front door, and the sale will be over by the beginning of the school day, 8:45a.m. We are sure to raise enough money to sponsor a raptor at the Leslie Science and Nature Center - but which one with the children choose? The elegant and glorious turkey vulture perhaps? One can only dream ...

More Math Magic

Our newest math "magic" trick has to do with a very special number - 6,174. It is known as Kaprekar's Constant, after the mathematician D.R. Kaprekar. What makes this number so mysterious?

Take any four digits, as long as they are not all the same. Write the digits to make the largest number possible. Then take the digits and make the smallest number possible. Subtract the smaller number from the bigger number to get your answer.

Is this answer 6,174? No? Well, then do it again, because it WILL be!

Take your answer and do the same - make largest number, smallest number, and subtract smallest from biggest. Keep doing this until you get 6,174. You always will, in no more than 7 steps.

We've been doing this together in class as a whole group, and today the children tried it for the first time "solo." Several were successful their first time out - and boy, does it feel good to achieve the goal!

We will continue working on this at school, and it would be great to have your children show you at home as well. The magic for me is that it is a great way to give our students practice with subtraction with and without renaming!