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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Final Day of School

It's here - the last day of school! The final day of school is always full of emotions. Some children will be excited and happy, and others will be anxious and a bit teary. School, with all of its safe and comforting routines, is ending - and transitions and goodbyes can be unsettling.

What can parents do to help normalize all these feelings?

* Listen. Watch for signs that your child is feeling sad, and be available to talk.
* Suggest sending letters or post cards to your teacher! I love to receive mail, and will definitely answer.
* For nine months your child followed a routine with lots of structure. Summer is the perfect time to allow more down time with very few scheduled activities and playdates. Allow your child to feel bored - what a gift!
* Wait until mid-August before talking about next year. The phrase, "Now that you're going into___grade," will make your child begin to look forward rather than behind.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

This Week in Review - June 3 - 8

                                   This information is also found in Walter's weekly update:

What a week!

I think students and teachers alike will sleep the entire weekend away in order to recover from all the excitement of this past week. As much fun as it as been, It is also been a lesson in flexibility, as our daily schedule has been anything but routine. The Crazy Llama musical was held on both Monday and Wednesday, and it was a riotous performance full of unexpected laughs and musical delights.

We had our final math classes this week – and had a smashing good time! There were a couple of special activities, including a probability egg roulette game (thanks goes to Jimmy Fallon for the inspiration!) and our probability carnival game day on Friday.

Our Environmental Super Heroes went to Leslie Science and Nature Center on Wednesday morning in order to visit “our” raptor – the glorious turkey vulture. It was a bit of a thrill to see our name on the plaque as one of the sponsors who help keep this wonderful bird of prey in good condition. Children had a sweet time making sketches of it, as well as the others birds at the center. Shan took some lovely pictures - it was difficult to choose which to include, but here are just a few:

Hey, Super Heroes! Thanks for sponsoring me!

We hopped on the bus again on Thursday to go to our closest branch of the Ann Arbor District Library, Malletts Creek. They have just reopened after being closed since April 8th. We were some of the first to try their new computers in the children’s section! Other renovations include lovely new floors, shelving rearrangement, a couple of added meeting rooms, and general spick-and-span-ness. As Jackson said as we walked in, “Ah, a nice shiny new library!” Yep, nothing like it.

Of course, the most memorable event of the week was probably Grace’s classroom wedding. We were the honored guests, as Grace’s children did a lovely job doing a reading out of a book written by her old kindergarten teacher. One of her students also played two sweet pieces on the harp.  We helped make the very special gift for bride and groom, as well as Grace’s lovely bouquet. We also celebrated by blowing bubbles at just the right time. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. (Well, maybe it was just me – I bawled like a baby.)

Friday was the final EB day – children in the aMAZEing mazes EB listened to the story The Storm Whale, and then chose to either make a maze out of box lids and cardstock or Lego toys, using the story as inspiration. Using a marble to stand in as the baby whale, we needed to make a maze to guide him through the ocean back to his mama whale.

Friday afternoon, we were off to the races! Children cheered other children on who wanted to run the SK 5-K. Those who wanted to do the fun run could do that. Others who wanted to play on the playground had a fun time doing that. All ended the day tired and happy.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Saturday, June 1, 2019

This Week in Review - May 27 - 31

                         This information is also found in Walter's weekly update:

As we head into the very final days of school, the children have a lot of special events going on in their busy lives. This week, for example, our classroom was abuzz with getting ready for the French play on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning’s all-school meeting – as well as looking ahead to next week’s music performances. They all seem to be taking it all pretty much in stride, but extra rest and down-time at home is probably not a bad idea!

We’ve been having so much fun in math designing math carnival games! We hope to perfect our games and actually demonstrate them next week. These all have something to do with our ongoing theme of probability – so of course there are spinning wheels, dice, and other ways our contestants have to beat the odds.

Petit Chaperon Rouge was very sweet! Madame and the children did a lovely job, as usual. It is always such a treat to see all of their hard work come together after seeing little bits and pieces over the weeks.

Buddy teacher Grace is off getting married, so guest teacher Elaine and I have been busy with both groups of children planning the second ceremony when she gets back on Wednesday of next week. Our group will be the guests of the wedding, but we are helping with a few of the details. I would love to go into more details, but that will have to wait until the surprise is over next week.

Shan and the children presented their science findings at Friday’s morning meeting! Both 1st and 2nd grade classes have been learning about the water cycle and ways to conserve water. They showed off the posters they researched and designed.

Friday was our third EB of this final session. Children in my EB played a math game with dice, rulers, and electrical tape. Pairs of children rolled three dice, added the digits shown, then measured out that length of their color tape. Each pair (and, me, working alone) continued doing this, crossing and crisscrossing each other’s routes, until a big and beautiful maze was created. It looked a bit like the subway maps I used to study when I lived in Boston. The children thought it looked like a cow or a horse, thanks to a suggestion from teacher Sam who stopped to admire.