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Saturday, June 9, 2018

This Week in Review - June 4 - 8

                                      This information is also found in Walter's weekly email:

This week we are finishing up a lot of projects. In math, that means the end of math books as of Friday. This week, we also said goodbye to our final unit of the year, probability, with a super fun activity, egg roulette. It was a smashing good time! (A longer blog post to follow soon, with pictures provided by amazing math parent helper, Jason!)

It was also a week of performances. In Music class, the children put on their musical twice – on Tuesday and Friday. They will do one more repeat performance on Tuesday next week. The French play, Cendrillon, was performed beautifully on Thursday afternoon immediately following school. 

These were the culminating events of two important “specials” the children enjoy at Summers-Knoll.

Our cardboard city was dismantled this week, and buildings and blueprints were taken home. The river and the bridges were rolled up and recycled. All that is left are some photographs and a lot of memories. The children learned a lot about city planning and teamwork during this wonderful project. It was Project Based Learning in the truest sense of the term.

Our final science time with Shan was enjoyed on Wednesday and Thursday, as we completed our work with endangered animals in Michigan. In our classroom, every single child now has a darkling beetle, and has completed their mealworm observation journal. Enjoy the beetles at home! 

We had two special events this week – Roger Chard came back in to tell us more about the tools used to make Braille books and materials. He promised the children he would return after they were so interested in his first visit when he read to us. We finally made it happen on Thursday. (A longer blog post about this visit is coming soon.)

And, on Friday, we end the week with cheering our classmates on at the annual S-K 5-K at County Farm Park.

What a week!  Next week we will continue to wrap things up – portfolios coming home on Monday!

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