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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Final Day of Math Class - Always a Crackin' Good Time!

Our culminating event for our probability studies was the much anticipated "egg roulette.” This was originally inspired by Jimmy Fallon, and the way he and some of his guest stars have done battles over the years with hard boiled and raw eggs. On Thursday, I showed one of these clips to my math students with Jimmy and Anna Kendrick. (You can watch it by clicking the link above!) Over the years, this has become a way to celebrate the final day of math class. It is always a lot of fun. Many thanks to Jason for taking some great pictures!

We started with twelve eggs, blown out and cleaned. Four of these eggs had flour put in them. All eggs looked the same, so you couldn't tell by looking which was which.

The children took turns smashing an egg on their head. Before doing so, we figured out together the percentage chance of them getting a "floured" one. For instance, the first contestant, me, had a 4 out of 12, or 33.33% chance of getting a messy head. The children decided it was POSSIBLE, but not very likely. And, whew! I did escape unscathed.

After each time, we discussed if the chances of getting a loaded egg had increased or decreased. Then we checked the percentage, and BLAM! Another egg cracked! 

Math class has been so wonderful this year - these children bring their A game to school each morning. They're bright, hard-working, and ALWAYS ready for some fun. They made me laugh every single day, and I became a better math teacher because of them. 

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