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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Exploring with Nature Eyes - Finding the Rainbow

As often as we are out in nature during the school day, it is easy to whiz by plants, trees, and other objects without really noticing them. Exploring takes time, and we need to SLOW DOWN and notice details in order to be true nature explorers.

County Farm Park lends itself so nicely to explorations of this type - there are rocks to climb, gardens to visit, and lots of tree lined trails. This morning, our little explorers were determined to find the rainbow:

We found lots of colors, which we then categorized using our organization sheets. Thanks to double-sided tape, we didn't have to bother with bringing tape or glue. The sheets turned into real works of art.

We also collected things from nature that could be turned into paint. That sounds like a messy activity for another day.

After a morning of exploring nature, we had a picnic and played on the CFP playground. What a perfect morning to be outside!

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