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Monday, October 3, 2016

Extension Block Classes (EBs) Start Today

One of the many unique things that happen at Summers-Knoll is that we have special groups of classes called "EBs". In the upper grades, these are called Electives, and they are run a bit differently. But in the K/1/2 wing, EB sessions are held three times a year. Each session consists of 6 classes, 2 per week. Teachers and children alike really love these times. It gives teachers a chance to teach to their own interests and passions, and gives children the opportunity to self-select a session they would like to attend. We end up with mixed groups of children who may not usually get the opportunity to work together, so new friendships can be formed around these common interests.

This time around, we have four groups. Elaine is teaching one called "M is for Movement", Shan is doing "Engineering Challenges", Val is doing her "Picture This" session, and I am doing one I call "Preserving History - Food Preservation in Colonial Times". We try to have something that will appeal to everyone, with a good mix of art, science, and social studies.

In my EB, children tried the first technique of preserving food - one that has been around for centuries, and still used today. It was definitely one of the main ways people in the colonies kept food for later. Drying can be done in lots of ways - the children in this EB prepared apple slices to be dried on a pole (and also in a low oven, since we need some of the slices on Wednesday). We also strung green beans (called leather britches).

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