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Monday, June 6, 2016

Madison, the School Dog - BY GUEST BLOGGER SENA!

Hi, my  name is Sena and I am writing about Madison the dog.
Well, you might be wondering about Madison. Well, she is really cool and she is awesome and she is a good dog. She is really  fast.

She rode here on a plane. She has been good. She has 8 puppies – four yellow pups and there were four black ones. She is a Labrador Retriever. She has a really good owner and her owner is Lisa.

I hope Madison will be at our school again, and I hope you will read my blog. Goodbye!


shun han said...

Hi Sena, I like your blog about Madison. Good writing! I can see why Jiajia likes Madison and Ginger, although she is afraid of dogs in general. Keep up good work.

Susan said...

Hi Sena,

Very nice blog post! I love Madison, too - such a well-behaved and beautiful dog. I love the fact that our school has so many animals! You did a great job talking about Madison. Thank you for blogging! Ms.C.

Karen Prochnow said...

Sena, what a terrific blog post! I was wondering about this dog this morning, and now all of my questions have been answered, thanks to you! I love dogs! Perhaps Max has told you we have one named Floyd?

Keep up the excellent writing! Terrific work!

Karen (Max's mom)

Kevin Kubarych said...

That's pretty cool. I didn't know there was another dog at SK! I wonder how they chose the name Madison.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sena,

I'm so excited to see your blog post about Madison! I actually read it out loud to our dogs. (I think they'd love to meet Madison, don't you? Also Ginger.)

There are so many awesome things about Summers-Knoll, but for sure one of them is that these really good dogs are welcome. It's fun to watch Madison and Lisa play ball in the ga-ga pit and to see what Ginger is wearing each day--and of course to pet them. Do you notice how people tend to gather around sweet dogs like Madison and Ginger?

I love you and am so proud of you. Writing is cool and sure feels great.
from Mamma

Ronald Buckanovich said...

Hi Sena-- Thanks for the post. I now have so many questions I want you to write another! Why did the dog come to school? Does the dog have a special job? As a scientist I wonder why half of the puppies from a yellow dog were black--any ideas?

Ron (Marann's dad)

Heather Halabu said...

Hi Sena!

I enjoyed your post- wonderful work! Madison looks like a very sweet dog. How lucky you are to be at a school that allows dogs!

-Heather (Marcel's mom)

Stacyee Lee said...

Hi Sena! Loved your post about Madison. She really is terrific, isn't she? It seems we are both fond of dogs (even though our family doesn't have one I still love them!) I hope you have a terrific summer enjoying all of the things you love.

Stacyee (Andrew's mom)

Karen Gratch said...

Hi, Sena! Excellent blog post. Do you know why Madison flew here on a plane, and where she flew from? Was she a baby when she was on the plane? That is a lot for a dog to do. I am so glad that you got the chance to meet her and find out her story - we all have our own stories, right! It is always interesting to hear and share these stories - you just never know what someone else has been through in their life, before they get to the place where you are when you get to meet them.
Good job.
Much love from your Aunt Karen.

CPB said...

Sena, you are such a good writer! And you are like Madison: really cool and awesome and good, and also really fast. Love from me, Aunt Barbi

Mary Gratch said...

Sena - I think Madison is beautiful. I would love to see her puppies! I like that you wrote about such a special part of your school - what a cool place that has dogs and wonderful kids like you! Thank you for your good words. Aunt Mary

Linda Young said...

Hi Sena,
Great writing ! I loved reading about Madison. I never knew there were other dogs at SK beside Ginger!
Keep up the good work.

Lynn Waldsmith said...

Hi Sena,

Madison kind of looks like Sandy, don't you think? I think you did a really nice job writing about Madison. Maybe you can write about your dogs this summer! Thanks for giving me something cool to read today. Love Aunt Lynn

Ann-Marie Rosland said...

Great post, Sena! I love that dogs like Madison are welcome at Summers Knoll. I heard there were a couple of dogs that were there often but never got to meet them, so I really enjoyed reading all the details and seeing the pictures.

Patrick & Maya said...

great blog Sena! I really liked it! (Maya)

Thanks for writing about Madison. It's great to read about dogs. (Patrick)

Valenta said...

Hi Sena,
Great post! Isaya really likes dogs also. I didn't realize that there was another dog at school. I wonder how a dog feels riding on a plane. Where did she fly from?
Keep up the good work!

tara r said...

What a beautiful dog! Thanks for sharing with us, Sena. And congratulations on your first blog post!!! - your blogging pal, Tara

Sigrid Cordell said...

This is a great post, Sena! Thanks for writing about Madison. She sounds like such a sweet dog.
-Sigrid (Spenser's mom)