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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Day!

I was really looking forward to our appreciation feast this morning, and I wasn't disappointed. Wow! What a spread. Thanks to everyone who supplied food, took care of the children, and cleaned up. Thank you, thank you. I love the little gift from the children as well, and will treasure it always.

Before the breakfast, I read this to the children:

In it, the teacher was surprised and gratified to have her classroom full of "helpful" children do a bunch of clean up jobs in the classroom. Needless to say, the room turns out messier than it began.

I had a bunch of end-of-year clean up jobs posted on the blackboard. After snack and recess, we divided up to tackle these cleaning/organizing jobs. Unlike the story, OUR kids actually made a huge, positive difference! Take a look at us in action:

Cleaning and organizing the spelling-go-round supplies

The art supply bins

The craft box

Testing all the markers - both fabric and regular

Organizing the sewing kit
Everything is getting spiffy and is ready to get packed away for the summer. A bittersweet time, for sure.

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