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Monday, June 6, 2016

Classroom Auction on June 14

Several years ago, I came upon a brilliant idea that combines year-end reflection, cleaning the classroom for the summer, and fun. I could say that the learning objectives are planning and working within a set budget, and to learn about the importance of spending money wisely (which are both true), but honestly, it is just a great and highly anticipated end-of-year activity. The children love taking some tokens of the classroom home with them.

This is the way it works. I give each student $80.00 of "auction bucks". They bid on items that I no longer want, or that I replace each year. The paper lanterns, posters, art scraps, semi-dry markers, sewing scraps and thread, etc. all are up for bid. Different strategies are used - some children tend to be cautious bidders, but may go home with lots of items as the rest of the children have spent all their money already. Others see one item they really want, and immediately bid their whole $80.00.

At the end of about an hour, I have a much cleaner classroom, and children have much messier cubbies. I know the children will really enjoy the process, and I hope go home with a trinket or two that will remind them of the year, the friends they made, and the lessons they learned.

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