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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Guest Bloggers MAX and FEMI - All About Reading at School

Hi, my name is Max and this is all about reading.

We do Special Readers. When we do Special Readers we listen with our eyes, ears, and hearts.

We do quiet reading quietly.

We do library. Library is when someone reads us a book and then we pick out 5 books. Library is the end of the day on Wednesday. Our librarian is Leland’s mom. You can read more about the library from Femi, down below! *

 In math, we also read. We read books like 2 Times 2 = Boo.

Ms. Carpenter reads books to us. My favorite book is Dominic by William Steig. We just finished Marty McGuire Digs Worms and The Story Giant. We then do book reviews. Book reviews are when we pick a book and write about the book you picked.

As you can see, we do a lot of different kinds of reading in Ms. Carpenter’s class.

·      Femi takes over, talking specifically about a magical place in our school, our library. Photos by Femi

Chapter 1. The Library.
The library is supposed to be a quiet place but it is NOT! Not too quiet.

Chapter 2. What is the library?
The library is a place to read. It has lots of books.

Chapter 3. Reading.
Reading is important because it helps your BRAIN!

Chapter 4. The Librarian.
The librarian is my friend Leland’s mom!!! Right? It’s crazy. Ok! It is crazy!


Heather Halabu said...

Hi Femi and Max! I loved your post- and seeing how reading is present in so many parts of your day. I also loved that you did a joint post! How fun!

-Heather (Marcel's mom)

Stacyee Lee said...

Hi Max and Femi!

Thank you both for sharing all about your love for reading and your wonderful school library. I love to sit in the library at your school sometimes. It's such a warm and inviting place to get cozy and read. Cheers to adventures!

Kevin Kubarych said...

Awesome post guys! So glad that you are into reading--it has got to be the most important thing to learn how to do!

[wow, blogger is really worried that I'm a robot]

Sigrid Cordell said...

This is a great post, Max and Femi! I loved learning about the reading that you are doing. It sounds like you both have a great time in the library at school.

-Sigrid (Spenser's mom)

Susan said...

Oh my, I love reading, and I love my students. I think my favorite part of the day (beside meditation) is quiet reading. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE reading a great book to you. I hope you two are enjoying Ramona the Pest. Great job, guys! xo

Elizabeth said...

It's crazy good--no, crazy great--that you two shared a post about reading. Reading deserves such teamwork, and still your very own personalities come fully across. Your words and pictures, your love of reading and sheer enthusiasm, make me want to read right a book right now. (Some people think it's not possible, but I have a feeling you two know it is--when a book actually jumps off a shelf straight into your hands, whispering, "Read me!" and changes your whole life.)

Thank you, Max and Femi. And thank you Ms. Carpenter and Ianna (aka Leland's mom).

(I also love Dominic, Max. I could read it and then read it again.)

from Elizabeth

Linda Young said...

Great job Max and Femi ! I love the co-authorship. Have you ever thought about the idea that there are always two people involved in reading ? The person who writes and the person who reads:) Max, I loved the idea of reading with our hearts . I agree . You two made my heart happy . Linda )(Sean and Lily's mom )

Karen Prochnow said...

Terrific post, Max and Femi! Very informative and well written! It makes me want to open a book right now. I'm so glad that you both love to read. It is a great habit to share with a friend. I also like William Steig books, and my new favorite author is Mo Willams (the Elephant and Piggie book author). Keep up the reading and awesome writing!

Shun Han said...

Great team work, Femi and Max! I enjoy reading too, especially reading books to Jiajia. I'm glad to hear that you have lots of opportunities to read at school. Keep up your good work.

Unknown said...

Awesome Job Femi & Max!

Valenta said...

Great job Femi and Max!
Max, thanks for sharing about reading time. And listening with eyes, ears and hearts. I wish more people in the world did that. And Femi, thanks for providing insight into library day. I like the way you organized your writing into chapters!