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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Final Extension Block Sessions Begin Today

One of the ways Summers-Knoll truly demonstrates the belief that children should have options when it comes to what they want to learn about, and that teachers should teach to their passions, is our commitment to doing "EBs" three times a year. The older children, starting in third grade, do their own, longer, versions of this, called "electives". The point is the same, though - teachers (and sometimes outside parties) - offer special classes about something that they love, that interests them, and that they want to share with others. Children look over the choices and sign up for the one that most interests THEM. Because of this, students get an opportunity to work with students from other classes - and because of their shared interest, some lovely new friendships can form.

This round, k-2 students could choose between bread making, challenge quest (complete challenges with various materials and goals in mind), art/photography, and mazes/labyrinths.

Since I can't easily get around with my camera to the other rooms, I can only show how delightfully delighted my group was with building our first maze. We started by learning the difference between a maze and a labyrinth (ask your child if you are unclear), and read just a bit from a book I have called "Mazes Around the World". Using a clear CD holder and wikisticks, students could design a maze, a labyrinth, or both. They were colorful and quite beautiful when complete - and most of them did what the student wanted them to do! In the next five sessions, we will have plenty more opportunities to build and draw and WALK mazes and labyrinths.


Heather Halabu said...

Oliver was so excited to show me his maze! Thanks, Susan!

Stacyee Lee said...

I was told that this EB is the BEST EVER! (even better than the Soup EB!)