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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Guest Blogger Jiajia! - All About The Cabinet of Curiosities

Hi, my name is Jiajia and I’m going to tell you about a thing in my classroom we call it Cabinet of Curiosities.

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a medium sized box that we put wondrous elements of nature in. The cabinet is already filled up with things we put in, like moss, shells, owl pellets, rocks, and a wing of a bug. Now nobody is adding anything to the cabinet.  

Some objects are too big to fit in there. There are twelve little boxes in the cabinet - really little boxes. Some stuff has to be stuffed in one of the boxes if we want it to fit in there. The cabinet has dark wood that looks old. The cabinet is really small and delicate.

We were inspired to do Cabinet of Curiosities by a man called Gorden Grice.

I really like the Cabinet of Curiosities I hope you like it too.

The End

P.S. I hope you like this blog post. I might be writing more blog posts this year. See ya later!


Susan said...

Jiajia, you are such a great writer. I love the adjectives you chose to make your blog post shine - wonderous and delicate are my favorites. Thank you for writing about one of my very favorite things in the room (besides the children). xo Ms. Carpenter

Heather Halabu said...

Hi Jiajia, I loved learning about the Cabinet of Curiosities! I also love the descriptive language you used. You are a wonderful writer!

Heather (Marcel's mom)

Unknown said...

Awesome! Are we allowed to give you things to put in the cabinet? I have recently found a few things that might be a fun addition.


Tracy Gallup said...


Just like your artwork, your writing is interesting, thoughtful, and worked on with great care. What a wonderful coincidence that today you were adding writing to accompany collage work in your color book. So now I see that you like to write and it is a lovely thing to combine writing with art. My friend Karen is turning her entire dining room into a Cabinet of Curiosities with her art work and hand made cabinets. You can see her work on her web site at:http://www.kaklein.com/index.php


Imogen Giles said...

Dear Jiajia,
Thank you for your lovely post, so beautiful in its attention to expression and the joy of language as communication. I share Mrs. Carpenter's delight in your choice of adjectives and you are, to us your teachers, both wondrous and delicate.
Madame / Magistra

Shun Han said...

Jiajia, I'm really proud of you. Good writing!

Stay curious, inspired and creative!

from mom

Ronald Buckanovich said...

Thanks for the great post. I have seen the cabinet in the classroom and it definitely made me curious. Now I feel like I understand it a bit better. I hope you keep writing because you've made me even more curious!

Linda Young said...

Hi jiajia,
I do indeed like the fascinating cabinet you described and I think that the way you described it is as interesting as what is in it! Keep up the great writing
Linda ( Sean's mother )

Ann-Marie Rosland said...

What a great description, I feel like I have a very good sense of what the cabinet is like. It's interesting that only small things fit in - I wonder if it helps all of you to notice small things around you. I wonder if you'll find different things in the spring than you did in the fall! I hope you do write more soon. Ann-Marie

Deborah Paul-McDonald said...

Hi Jiajia! I really liked how you described the cabin.! What is your favorite thing? I want to learn more about Gordon Grice now. I liked the picture of you, too, outside. It looks like you're trying to catch snowflakes! Thanks for writing - Deborah

Rachel Goldberg said...

Dear Jiajia,

I loved reading about the cabinet but now I am wondering what you do with the curiosities that don't fit in the cabinet. I hope you will answer my question in your next blog post.

Thank you for sharing this special insight into your classroom with us. -- Rachel

Shun Han said...

Jiajia you did so good. Keep up the good work.
- Jiajia

Felix Kabo said...

Hi Jiajia,
I enjoyed reading about the Cabinet of Curiosities. Too bad the cabinet is already filled up! Your teacher may or may not like this, but how about you start filling up the cabinet with some smells? They don't take up much room, but they will add some character to the cabinet. Cheers!

Valenta said...

Hi Jiajia,
What a great post. I feel that I learned something new. I didn't know the room had a cabinet of curiosities. I hope that there will be more space to add new things as the spring comes... Maybe a crate of curiosities that could be placed on the floor?
Thanks for sharing!