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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Coat Room 101

Keeping our coat room clean is certainly a challenge in all types of weather, but particularly in the winter. There are so many things to keep track of - backpacks, lunch boxes, boots, shoes, and lots of winter outerwear. Children must also have a change of clothing, in case the inevitable accident or spill happens. Where does everything go?

Well, not in the middle of the floor, all in a jumble! Unfortunately, that is what has been happening, and it is a mess. Items of clothing are getting lost, and it looks horrible - and, honestly, shows a lack of respect for our sweet school. This morning, Elaine and I took the children for "training", and now they know what to do! Here is how you, as parents, can help:

* The little green bins under the shelves are for BOOTS ONLY. You can help by reminding your child, and to make sure that shoes, papers, art projects, etc. stay out. Also, your child needs to bring shoes or slippers, and change into them each morning.

* Please have your child bring all their stuff in themselves. I see many parents "helping" their child by carrying in backpacks, coats, and so on - and then hang up their child's things for them. Please empower them to do it themselves. It is such an important life skill. You can remind them to use the little loop on their coat for easier hanging, and to put their hats and gloves either in their backpacks, or, better still, in their sleeves of their coats. That way, they will always know where they are.

* Empty out backpacks each evening with your child - have them sort things into piles - what do they want to keep, what needs to be recycled, and so on. Your child's backpack, or another plastic hanging bag, should have a clean change of clothes. 

Look! This is how our coat room looked after our lesson! Isn't it be-yoo-ti-ful? With your child's hard work, and some good reminders from parents and teachers, it should look like this all winter long. 

And before you know it, winter will be over, and life in the coat room should get a bit easier.

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