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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Where We're From

Today we did a big mapping activity. Each child took home a "family tree" worksheet, and came to school knowing where they were born, where each parent was born, and where each grandparent was born.

We used the worksheets to fill out a chart, and then apply the information to one of three maps - we had a Michigan map, and map of the United States, and a world map. Using color coded stickers, we labeled where each generation came from - green for ourselves, red for our parents, and blue for both sets of grandparents. My, what a diverse community we have!

Please come take a look at our maps. They are hanging in the hallway between Elaine's room and the kindergarten room. Your child can take the lead on articulating what they did.

Thank you to Elaine who planned this activity, as well as getting all the supplies that were needed. Map reading, and learning basic geography skills (for instance, knowing the difference between city, state, and country), are very important. Most children truly enjoyed this project, and looked at the maps closely and with much interest.

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