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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What Does Peace Feel Like?

This morning, we read What Does Peace Feel Like, by V. Radunsky (along with children all around the world). It is a lovely book that I learned out about several (seven!) years ago from a special S-K family. Although their children no longer go to this school, I hope they are still reading this blog in order to know that they left something wonderful here.

Children were inspired to write some of their own thoughts about peace, and we'd like to share them with you now:

Peace looks like:

a forest
a white dove in the morning
doves flying around flowers
a baby
beautiful waves
giving money to the poor
a simple vase with delicate stars and hearts painted white and silver

Peace feels like:

the feathers of a rainbow colored dove
hugs and kisses to mom and dad and Will
my mom and dad hugging me
crazy sand
a comforting kiss
soft fluff of a blanket
soft grass
lying in grass with a calm breeze

Peace sounds like:

wind in the trees
a violin
a stream flowing in the morning
running water
a birthday party
birds tweeting
the peaceful wind
all the animals howling and chirping in a friendly way

Peace smells like:

all the gardens in the world
a bunch of flowers
pizza in the oven
mango sorbet
a mint plant as you walk up

Peace tastes like:

cherries that are fresh
fresh air
warm ice cream hot fudge banana split double sandwich with cherries on a (infinity sized) cake
chocolate covered strawberries
banana split milkshake
flowers, cinnamon, nectar, honey all mixed together

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