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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Guest Blogging - Writing with a Purpose (Watch this Space!)

Today we started a new writing project. Each child will get an opportunity to write a piece for this blog. We brainstormed different topics - the only rule being that their writing had to be about something that happened at school (or as a school project), and that the ideas had to be varied (we can't all write about the worms, for example). Most children now have an idea in mind, and a start of their rough draft.

This will be on ongoing project, but one that will give writing a real purpose. Children have to write for their audience - who will be reading this? What do you need to tell them? Students know that they will have to flesh out their pieces - longer than memory pages or writing prompts - and that they will need to work their editor (me) to make sure we publish near-perfect things. After many revisions, children will type their pieces into a word document, and will also take pictures to accompany their writing. Some children will get to interview others, and some want to include pictures of their artwork. Each child will be encouraged to write real-life, interesting things that will give parents and others a view into their classroom and what they're interested in or passionate about.

As we get nearer to our first author (Marcel), I will let you know. I'd like as many encouraging parent comments on individual posts as possible.

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