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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Safe Place

A Safe Place

Yesterday, we listed to one of our favorite guided meditations from Sitting Still Like a Frog. We got out our pillows and spread out all over the room. We even had one of the "big kids", Evan, join us. In our minds, we went to our "safe place". After, we drew a picture of what our safe place looked like. It was amazing to me how many different images there were. One child went to a dark cavern where a batman suit was hanging in the corner. Another was tucked away in his own little mushroom house.

Click the above link to hear this meditation. And be sure to come in some mornings and join us! The children absolutely love to have their parents sit with them, and it shows them that you think it is important too.

Here are just a few pictures from yesterday:

Maya is on the sea, surrounded by many of her beloved animals

Max is running down a hill, with beautiful trees around him

Amelie is tucked into bed with her whole family

Sena likes to picture himself taking dogs for a walk

Isaya goes to Orlando in his mind, and looks at the beautiful palm trees

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