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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Great Kapok Tree - and the Importance of Nature Walks

"Systems" is our theme these next couple months, and - as stated before on this blog - our class of environmentally astute first and second graders will be learning more about the ecosystems found right in our woods. We will pay very specific attention to trees and to fallen stumps.

Today I am planning to read The Great Kapok Tree, a book by author Lynne Cherry.  On her website, Cherry states:

"Teaching about the rain forest precludes hands-on teaching about living breathing ecosystems with actual forays out into the real world of nature. The forests and natural areas in our own back yards are in need of saving, too. They, too, are habitat for many living things. Children need open spaces to spend unstructured time in, to explore and to connect with the natural world.

The most important thing teachers can do is to bring children outside, introduce them to the wonders of nature and help to connect them to the natural world."

On Wednesday, the 13th, we will be taking our second nature walk with Naturalist Faye Stoner. Wintertime is a particularly beautiful time at County Farm Park, I think - and we should have a lovely new blanket of snow on which to walk. Bundle up!

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