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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Germ-y Science

Wednesday mornings are "no math mornings". We do different things on this day, just because we can. Sometimes we do activities or projects related to our theme, sometimes you may find us reading in the woods, and sometimes we do a science experiment or cooking project.

In a way, this morning we did both a science experiment AND "cooking" project. After learning about germs, bacteria, and viruses (reading Germs Make Me Sick, and watching The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie's Body), we talked about the importance of washing our hands frequently, especially before and after we eat, and after we use the bathroom.

A good rule of thumb, which many children already knew, is to sing the ABC song while lathering up with plenty of soap and warm water. But what if there isn't soap and water available? Hand sanitizer was mentioned as the next best thing.

We got into work groups and made three batches of our own natural hand sanitizer! Children worked together cooperatively to make sure that recipe was followed precisely, each child getting turns measuring, counting drops, and mixing. We all tried the final products, and it was lovely! A nice, non-drying and soothing hand sanitizer.

Want the recipe? Here it is:

8 drops lavender oil
16 drops tea tree oil
1/2 teaspoon vitamin e oil
3 tablespoons aloe vera
2 tablespoons witch hazel

Here are some photos of our mixologists hard at work:

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