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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Environmental Super Hero Project (s!) for October

As you know, the students in our class embark on an environmental challenge each month. These special projects range from making treats for animals, to raising awareness about recycling, to making "green" cleaning solutions and cleaning our school.

This month, we hope to do TWO projects. I have ordered a large supply of red wigglers (the cadillac of worms!). When they arrive, we will prepare our compost box and get them to work, eating our leftover fruits and vegetables, and making lovely worm castings for the garden.

In the meantime, we have set out an acorn collection jar outside on our back porch. The Association to Rescue Kritters (ARK) in a northern Michigan town has taken in 18 orphaned baby squirrels. These squirrels need help making it through the winter, and the shelter is asking for donations of acorns. The squirrels will be released in the spring when they're able to forage for themselves.

Please consider hunting for acorns with your child. Remember, though, when bringing them to school, drop the nuts off BEFORE you come into the building.

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