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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Autumn Science-Nature Walk with Faye

Oh, what a glorious Fall day we had for our first of three walks this year with naturalist Faye Stoner. Faye is a gem. Each year, she takes each first/second grade class on a series of walks through County Farm Park. She is always sure to learn about what our theme is, and takes special care to incorporate that theme whenever possible. Since this 3-month theme is "identity", Faye made sure that we learned a lot about what makes things in nature alike and different, how to identify trees by their leaves, and how to identify insects.

She also took us to a very special place upon learning about our Environmental Super Hero project - a huge oak tree where there were literally hundreds of acorns. Our bag got so loaded we had to take turns lugging it back to school.

Here are some highlights from this afternoon.

Faye welcomes us, and passes out tree identification charts.

We learned how to identify several different trees, using number of leaves, color, and leaf shape.

Collecting acorns for our orphan squirrel project. "This is acorn HEAVEN!"


Next, we took turns sweeping the tall grasses to see how many insects we could collect.

We carefully collected them in various jars (temporarily).

We each got several turns.

A white sheet helped us to see and identify each insect we found - grasshoppers, spiders, and stink bugs.

As you can see, Faye is a treasure to Summers-Knoll young scientists. We learn so much about the natural world that is right across the street. How lucky we are!

After all the excitement, we spent some time enjoying snack (using our homemade hand sanitizer first, of course) and playing on the CFP playground.

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