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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Farm to Table Pizza (and other fun events)

Our last full week of school was full of fun and surprises. Each day held a different - and in most cases - unexpected bit of silliness. Monday was Mustache Day and each child got their very own mustache to wear. Tuesday was Tattoo Day, and we went home sporting several tattoos on our arms and hands. Wednesday was Whoopie Cushion Day, and I'm still waiting for parents to forgive me for that one. And Friday was Fondue Friday - we ate our weight in strawberries, dried apricots, banana chunks and pretzels dipped in chocolate fondue.

Thursday was one of the most special days, and one that the children were planning on ahead of time. We all came to school in our pajamas, toting our favorite stuffed animals. My favorite stuffed animal is a very old Winnie the Pooh, nearly 48 years old. He enjoyed the day very much.

We also watched a movie of the children's choice - Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 1971 version. This we shared with our K-Buddies, as a last sweet meeting of our classes.

And, finally, we made Farm-to-Table Pizza. Students patted and stretched the dough, then added homemade sauce, mozzarella cheese, and their choice of herbs we planted on our back porch area. We had oregano, basil, and arugula.

Pizza making station ready to go!

Don't let that face fool you - he had a lot of fun.

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