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Friday, May 31, 2013

Farm-to-Table Tea Party

As the year winds down, we reflect back on what we've done all year, and remember the first wonderful theme of the year - Farm to Table. In the fall, we enjoyed the bounty of the Farmers Market, made delicious things like pasta and sauce, biscuits and butter. Springtime Farm-to-Table looks a little different - now, it's all about planting, and seeds, and bees making honey.

Yesterday, we had a mini-celebration of Farm-to-Table, Spring Edition, by harvesting the herbs we've been growing in our back porch pots. We grew a couple kinds of mint, hyssop, chamomile, and lavender. Children picked and smelled the herbs, and sorted them out. Then they added the herbs to hot water and waited patiently (ha!) for the five or so minutes it took to brew.

Some partook of the costume chest, so as to look their fanciest. Most affected english accents, and calls for "another spot of tea, please!" were heard 'round the table.

Of course we enjoyed local honey to sweeten our tea, and delicious homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies rounded out the feast.

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