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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lily and Miss Liberty

This afternoon we read the final chapter of Lily and Miss Liberty. Each child now has their very own copy of the book to take home. They may want to read it again with you!

It is a very sweet book about a little girl who wants to earn money for the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. As French school children raised money toward the statue itself, Lily and her friends thought that American school children could raise money for the base. While not entirely a true story, children did help raise money then, and it is a good depiction of the excitement that many people felt about this huge statue coming over from France  - dismantled into 300 pieces and packed into 214 boxes!

Lily ends up making and selling paper crowns that look just like Miss Liberty's. At the end of the book there were directions for making these crowns. Many of the students chose to do just that at free time. This project took measuring, drawing, and careful cutting (and a lot of patience, in some cases). They turned out very sweet, though, and Pearl and Samantha even made torches!


C. Jason DePasquale said...

It was fun seeing these crowns all over the other day at parent pick-up. The kids were clearly quite proud of them!

imogen's classes said...

Some of these lovely crowns also made an appearance at our French Club.
Merci bien Eli et Ella!