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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Global Citizenship/Immigration Stories

Today we looked at a world map, and found many countries in Asia. The stories I read today were about a child from Korea who immigrated to the United States, and about a couple meeting in Japan and then moving to the States. Although very different, the children loved them both.

My Name is Yoon is delightful in part because of the gorgeous illustrations. It also had the children imagine how difficult it would be to come into a school setting without knowing the language or having any friends. A great lesson in empathy.

How My Parents Learned to Eat describes the sweet and tentative relationship between a United States sailor and a Japanese college student who meet while he is stationed in Japan. They both are nervous about eating with each other as the utensils and customs are so different. It is a celebration of embracing different parts of each culture, as their future child is shown in both kimono and western clothes, eating with both chop sticks and knife and fork.

We then made Asian dumplings - potstickers - made with either pork or tofu. It was very fun, and look how pretty!

And - of course! - we ate them with chopsticks!

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