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Friday, January 25, 2013

Environmental Superhero Project - TOY EXCHANGE

As you know, we do a superhero project each month. So far this year we've planted a tree, set up our worm bin, collected junk mail and made recycled paper bowls, and had a bake sale for the birds (and sponsored a raptor). This month's project is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face - A toy exchange!

I got this idea from a book called Mrs. Fox's Class Goes Green. In this story the children in a classroom find many, many ways to help the environment, and one of the ways is to hold a toy swap. Children brought in a toy that they had played with and no longer wanted. Perhaps it was a favorite for a while, but they were tired of playing with it. In Mrs. Fox's class, each child liked another child's toy and happily traded - giving toys a new life, and the children something new and exciting to play with.

We will hold our toy swap this Thursday, January 31st. Please help your child select one toy that they want to swap. I will make sure that children always have the option of keeping their own toy if there is nothing else they want to trade for.

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