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Thursday, November 1, 2012


For the past 10 years at Summers-Knoll, I've introduced the Tribes curriculum to my classroom children. This has proved to be an effective way to empower students and to allow them to become better communicators and friends. We will be doing some activities every week or so that will challenge each tribal “family” to work together, compromise, and express their natural empathy and kindness. 

Four caring Agreements are used:

Listen with the heart as well as head.

Express appreciation/no put-downs

Mutual respect (for others, the school and environment)

The right to pass within a peer group

We will have 3 tribes with 4 members in each tribe. I am the one who decides who will be in what tribe. It is a bit tricky - I have to make sure each tribe has children who like each other, may be challenged to get along with each other, and has some natural leaders. 

Today, each child was given a puzzle piece with their name on it. They each needed to find their tribe members by matching up their puzzle piece with others. When a puzzle was completed, a huge HURRAH was heard as tribe members found the other children they would be working closely with, and supporting all year long.

The tribes then completed their first assignment. They had to work within their tribe to come up with a name, and to design their tribal banner. You should be very proud of your children. Compromise and listening to others is not an easy task no matter what your age. I’ve heard some inspiring conversations and am excited about setting some interesting challenges. Be sure to ask your child about Tribes.

And now. may I introduce to you:

The Rangers

The Dragon Ladybugs

The Ladybug Robots

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