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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eco Fair Costumes

We have a great tradition at Summers-Knoll. On October 31st, in lieu of Halloween, we hold an Eco-Fair. This year, we are changing it up just a bit, as we have many more students and a lot more space. We also wanted to tie in September's Farm to Table theme.

Just like in years past, children can come to school in costumes. However, instead of a brand-new store bought costume, we ask that children come in homemade costumes, made of recycled or reused materials. Please let the children take the lead in designing their costumes, and have fun with it! It really doesn't have to be difficult, elaborate, or time consuming - you probably have most of the materials around the house.

In the morning, we will take pictures of the children, and then have a costume parade through the school. In our classroom, we will probably have one or two art activities or games if there is time. We will also make something edible for the afternoon event. At 2p.m., the entire school will gather for our farm to table feast. Each classroom will provide a dish, and we have a lovely celebration together.

Some ideas to get you started:

Robot – use a box for the body, vent tubing from a dryer to make arms, veggie strainer for a helmet

Laundry basket – cut a circle from the bottom of a laundry basket to fit your child, make clothes pins for the suspenders

Flower – green sweatshirt and sweatpants, make pedals out of paper

Dalmatian – white turtleneck and white pants, put blacks dots on them, draw whiskers and a nose

Recycle Bin – Cut a hole in a box that has been decorated with the recycle symbol

Bunch of Grapes – Purple sweats with purple balloons

Bubble gum – dress all in pink

Pile of leaves – attach a bunch of paper or real leaves to a red sweatshirt

Ghost - just an old sheet - classic!

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