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Monday, October 8, 2012

Reading at Home

I've been so happy to share your children's excitement about Read to Feed! Many of them can't wait to tell me how much they've been reading at home. Even after the challenge is over, I hope you continue these great reading habits with your child. It cannot be over-emphasized: Reading with your child is the number one indicator of how well you child will read. Here are some tips for reading at home:

Read to and with your child. Schedule a set time each day. While reading aloud, read with enthusiasm and pick books that are above their reading level, but within their comprehension level. 

Let your child pick material they are interested in. Encourage your child to start a collection of something, and then they can read up about their hobby. Perhaps your child likes to collect jokes or recipes – this will naturally lead to all sorts of reading opportunities.

Have books on CD
 in your home.

Help your child see reading is important. Set a good example for your children by reading newspapers, magazines and books. Model the enjoyment of reading. Show kids that there is a wealth of knowledge to be found – and when you read something interesting, share it with them.

Set up a reading area in your home, supplied with lots of books they will enjoy. Provide a large variety of all sorts of different types of reading material. Make a cozy corner - pillows, beanbags, or a window seat.

Change the location! Read on picnic blankets outside under the trees, drape blankets over tables and do a little flashlight reading.

And, most importantly, restrict the amount of TV and computer screen time. I would recommend no more than one hour of screen time per day (less is better).

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