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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Houses of the Future - Step Two

Today I gave the children the "thinking questions" that Amy and Perry left for them regarding their houses of the future project. I've listed the questions in black, with some of my favorite answers in red. As usual, these kids made me laugh, sigh, and be amazed.

* What will people do in their homes in 100 years? Finding their way around (Maddy), Work out, working (job), skyping, and sleeping (Elliot), Communicate with other people (Juna)

* What materials will people use to make their homes in 100 years? Bubblegum and candy (Ella), Rocks (Eli), Hammer (Leo), Explosives, thermal detonators, and TNTs (Oliver)

* What will be the most important feature of houses in 100 years? Shoes that adjust to your feet (Juna), Football room (Ben), Moving bed (Ariana)

* Today, we name a room "kitchen" or "living room" or "bathroom". What will rooms be named in 100 years? Eat room (Leo), Planetarium (Owen), the Lounge room (Clementine)

* Where will houses be in 100 years? Underground (Ariana), Air (Samantha)

* How many people will live in each house in 100 years? 10 (Eli), 5 (Clementine), 1,000,000 (Leo) 

* If you could design just one thing for your house of future, what would it be? Drink machine, big TV (Owen), a Magic machine (Maddy)

* Describe the garden in a house in 100 years, what might be in it? Weeds (Elliot)

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Odie Langley said...

That was so much fun to read. Some of the answers were brilliant while others had me laughing out loud. You have such a great group of children.