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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Crane Maiden

Yesterday the entire school went to PuppetArt in Detroit. We saw the play called The Crane Maiden, and were then led in a puppet making workshop. From the PuppetArt's website:

Based on the ancient Japanese folktale of a poor but honest young man who saves the life of a wounded crane. The crane turns out to be a young beautiful woman with whom he falls in love. Out of gratitude, the crane maiden bestows upon him a fabric woven from crane feathers, which becomes a source of temptation in the hands of his rich and corrupt merchant neighbor. Tempting the young man to sell the fabric, the merchant makes him break the promise that he made to the girl. As a result, she becomes a crane again and flies away.

Representing Good and Evil are two spirits, who, battling for the soul of the young man, interfere in his life and even change his destiny. These spirits are played by live actors in traditional Japanese costumes and masks, who literally manipulate the main characters, string puppets known as marionettes.
The spiritual mystery of Japanese music, the delicate and touching lyricism of Haiku poetry, the detailed and at the same time symbolic visual elements of the production create a universe filled with subtlety, inner power, moral significance, and a deep sensitivity to the beauties of the natural world.

It was a entrancing show, and both children and adults enjoyed it immensely.

Getting ready for the show 

Getting instructions for our puppets

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