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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Houses of the Future - Step One

Amy and Perry Kulper, parents of the incredible Ella, have graciously volunteered to lead our children in a "Houses of the Future" project.

Today, Amy came in to read Roberto, the Insect Architect. This introduced the children to ideas like blueprints, plans, materials, etc.

Then Amy showed us many examples of futuristic architecture, including Buckminster Fuller's geodesic model. Both Amy and I were amazed (once again) by the students' creativity and prior knowledge. Especially thrilling to me was the children's ability to articulate that something that was perceived "futuristic" in the past would no longer be considered so - it is all evolving and changing very quickly.

The Kulpers left some planning sheets for the students to work on over the next couple weeks. Each child will be encouraged to really ponder what the future might look like, and how a house could fill various needs. Will the houses be built under the sea? Floating in space? What materials will be available? What will the rooms be called, and how will they be used?

Later on this month, Amy and Perry will come with dry pasta and glue and we will make some models of our houses (playing with our food, much like Roberto does!) Then, on June 1st, we will take a special field trip to the Henry Ford to see Fuller's house of the future, the Dymaxion House.

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Odie Langley said...

That was an amazing link and I know the children will have a wonderful time at the museum.