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Monday, April 16, 2012

Solar System Canopy

This is our new solar system canopy in the "cozy corner"! The kids have really enjoyed this addition to our room. It looks great - this picture does not do it justice - and creates a nice atmosphere for quiet reading time, meditation, and other work. In this photograph, several children practice their spelling words.

When my son was younger, we had a cozy corner in our house, too. Creating a special reading place is a wonderful thing to do for your child. As your children grow, be sure to keep age-appropriate books on shelves they can reach. Or put a basket full of books next to their favorite places to sit. Changing the materials often, adding special magazines or graphic novels, and including books that relate to your child's special interests are all good ways to make the area appealing. Other ideas include decorating the corner with your child's artwork and including a CD player with some audio books.

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