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Friday, April 13, 2012

Astronomer Visits

This morning, we had a very special visitor. Leo's mom happens to know a real astronomer, and Kathy Vivas agreed to come to our classroom to talk about the life cycle of stars. Dr. Vivas received her PHD from Yale in 2002 was awarded the top physics prize in Venezuela for her work. I think even Dr. Vivas was impressed with the interest and prior knowledge of our young astronomy scholars!

Dr. Vivas gave a very interesting and informative presentation. We learned how stars are born and how they die. Even our sun will die - but we were assured that it would happen in about 6 billion years, so we  have nothing to worry about. The students were told about the relative sizes of stars, and how they are all different colors. Red giants, white dwarfs, black holes - we learned a bit about all of these things. This was a grand ending to our first week of space studies.

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Odie Langley said...

All I can say Susan is that you and your students are certainly blessed to have so much talent come into your classroom.