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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fun Friday

As you know, we like to stretch out and enjoy our Fridays together. Because there is only one "special" class, and no predetermined math time, we are free to read a little longer, bake special treats, or just build with Lego and blocks. All that happened today.

But my favorite time today when we spontaneously decided to go into the woods to play, instead of the playground. It was a lovely sunny and cool fall day, perfect for a little hike. Most of the children played Harry Potter together, and being in the woods definitely added to the atmosphere. We were transported to the Forbidden Forest, and the "dark mark" was seen on nearly every tree. Wands out, the brave students cast spells at every thing that moved.

Then we saw a big pile of logs and twigs from felled trees. We decided to try to build a shelter. While not the most waterproof, it did provide some protection for the children who squeezed in together. The teamwork I saw as children had to work together to carry heavy branches was inspiring.


Odie Langley said...

Been way to busy lately Susan but will try to catch up some. I sure wish we had had the joy of going into the woods when I was in elementary school. I have always loved nature and observing any wildlife. You have such a great job. Have a wonderful weekend.

Gwen said...

What an awesome day! Thanks for sharing!! I am working on my shrinking spell so I can be in 2nd grade again :)