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Thursday, November 17, 2011

K-Buddies - Learning about Gerald McDermott

There are many sweet times in our daily routine. I love first thing in the morning, as we settle in for our Roald Dahl dose. I think Quiet Reading times are lovely - there is nothing quite like a room full of usually active 6-8 year-olds, silently engrossed in their books. But the very sweetest time of the week is usually our K-Buddy time. Today was no exception.

We traveled to Val's classroom this time, to learn about the author the kindergartners are learning about, Gerald McDermott. You can read more about the K's adventures by clicking HERE.

Val read Monkey - one of many trickster tales retold and illustrated by McDermott. Then children buddied up to draw/write an adventure with a trickster and a trick-ee. The room hummed, and there was a lovely and engaged sharing of ideas. Afterwards, the children took turns either telling about their picture or acting it out. Each pair/small group of actors received wild applause.

Many, many thanks to Val and her amazing group of kindergartners for sharing their energy and good ideas with us!

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ChristyinA2 said...

This is so freaking adorable! I love K-buddies and always feel bad when Lilith misses school on a Thursday because she misses it for the week.