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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Field Trip to the Fabric Store

"1/2 yard, please!" Leo and Elliot with their choices.

Waiting in line is difficult, but we were all patient!

Juna and Samantha love their fabrics - "I found the perfect one!"

One of the very best things about Summers-Knoll is that we can go on many meaningful field trips. Field trips are educational - whether we are attending plays and concerts, visiting farms or the farmers market to learn about organic crops, or visiting museums or interviewing experts in the field we are studying. Sometimes, a field trip is a simply an opportunity for the children to feel like they are part of our larger community - which is why we may take groups to Trader Joe's to purchase the ingredients needed for a baking project or - like yesterday - to JoAnn's to purchase fabric for our reading pillows.

Each child got to choose their own fabric. Some found the perfect print right away, but others had a much harder time deciding. In the end, though, each student was very happy with their decision. (It was so interesting to Elaine and me to see what each child chose!) Then each student handed their material to the employees at the store and ordered 1/2 yard to be cut. After that, another line to make our purchase - very good manners practice as each child said, "thank you!"

This was our first field trip of the year and there will be many more.


Odie Langley said...

Wonderful post Susan and awesome pictures of the children proudly holding their selections. They are so very blessed to be at SN and with you my friend.

Angela said...

What a great experience! I am looking forward to seeing the pillows! Overheard Leo telling his grandmother about his trip to the fabric store! I love the updates!