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Friday, September 9, 2011

Special Readers

Each Thursday, 2 children come with a book to share with their classmates. This is a great opportunity to practice reading aloud (clearly, loudly, and with expression) as well as being a great audience member (listening with ears, eyes, and heart).

If it is your child’s turn to be a special reader, please help them select an appropriate book. Picture books with humor are always appreciated. I know many children are excited when they are able to read longer chapter books, but I have to say that unless they are short, funny excerpts, it can be difficult to retain the attention of the audience! Have them practice with you at least a couple of times – this will help insure they have a successful and fun time when they are in front of their peers.

Here is the upcoming schedule for the next few weeks – Mark your calendars!

September 15 – Oliver and Elliot

September 22 – Clementine and Ariana

September 29 – Maddy and Owen

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Odie Langley said...

I know you much enjoy so much hearing them read and share books they like. I am sure it will help them so much as they grow. Very good Susan.