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Monday, September 12, 2011

Magic Rubber Bands

Ella demonstrates the proper use of a magic rubber band.

Behold the magic rubber bands.They look like normal rubber bands, don't they? I received these as a gift from The Good Spelling Witch who happens to live down the street from me.

Each child listened with mouths agape as I told the story of the magic rubber band. This rubber band is SO magic that it allows every one of us to write words. If you stretch the band slowly while saying the word you want to put on paper, you can hear many of the letter sounds. Wow!

For instance, I demonstrated MY rubber band by using it to write the word wonderful. With the band, I could work out WNDFL. While it is not the "dictionary spelling", it is certainly enough to get us close enough for communicating our ideas.

We will work on the conventions of spelling too. But right now, we are breaking through the walls that say “I can’t write. I don’t know how.” Everyone can write. Everyone WILL write. And it will be amazing!

P.S. Owen really wants to take a field trip to the witch's house. I'm thinking about it. 

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