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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Snow Day

I hope everyone is staying nice and warm on this snowy day. It is so pretty looking out my window!

If you want to send the kids outside, make sure they are bundled up. It's mighty cold out there too. But if you do venture outside, here is a fun activity you could try:

Make birdseed mosaics.  All you need is some imagination and several different types of birdseed. Sunflower, thistle, corn, and wild bird seed mixes provide different colors and textures to your art. Stamp out shapes, letters, or patterns in the snow. The bigger the design the better. Use the birdseed to fill in the shapes just like a stained glass window. The wild birds and animals will be your best critics, as they feast on your artwork. Animals have a harder time finding food when the snow blankets the ground.

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jdallinder said...

Hi Susan:

I hope you and your kids enjoyed the snow day today. Thanks for the extremely cool idea to make bird seed mosaics (!) and for the reminder that it's tougher for the creatures to find food in the deep snow.

Stay warm,
John A.