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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Exploration Block Classes

Exploration Block Classes (or EBs, for short) are going well this semester. I walked around to take a quick look at what was happening throughout the building - and I think you'll agree that EBs are a wonderful way for our children to explore a special interest or passion, and to work with children in mixed grade groupings. They happen once a week, for one hour, for four to six weeks. Today was our fourth session. There will be 2 more before mid-winter break, and then we will start again with other exciting options!

In winter sports, today was snow shoe day. Owen is amazing!

Clementine and Stanley love the bread EB. Today they made flat bread.

Amelia is in calligraphy. She is writing arabic letters today.

Maddy is a natural author. She does wonderful work in her EB.

This time, the EBs include bread making, authors united, calligraphy and winter sports.


Odie Langley said...

Wonderful as always Susan.

jillfelice said...

Is that Maddy's giraffe? Did she draw that? That's fantastic.

Lynne Raughley said...

Thanks so much for this blog--we'd hardly know anything about what goes on without it!