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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working with Renata's Math Group

Elaine recently wrote a wonderful blog post about the learning opportunities that go across classrooms - it is one of the ways that Summers-Knoll encourages the type of tight-knit and valuable relationships we know make a community.

This morning, the children in my math group had a great time with the students in Renata's group. By coincidence (by chance?), both of our groups have been working with the concepts of probability and interpreting data. Renata's group came up with four different stations, and my math students rotated through. There was a coin tossing activity, red light/green light with probability, a globe spinning game, and (my favorite), a game Renata called dance by chance.

Ariana and Maddy spin the globe. Which of the quadrants will their finger land on?

Owen, Nilay and Clementine play red light/green light. They moved according to the roll of the die.

Vanya and Sophie learn how to "dance by chance". They made up a move for each number on a die. Then they rolled the die to put all of their moves together!

Oli and Arvid have a lot of laughs with the coin flipping machine! 

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