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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Final Buddy Time/Flower Art

Today I brought the children two gifts from my garden. For morning snack, we feasted on strawberries that I picked right before I came to school. Then, this afternoon, I shared some of my peonies for artistic inspiration!

Anita and I put out big pieces of paper to encourage creative collaboration. Children could use tempera paints, watercolors, crayons and chalk. We experimented with soaking chalk in the paint for different, deeper colors, and also used crayons and watercolors together for a "wax relief" effect. Some students really looked at the flowers and tried to capture that image, while others used their imaginations for their own floral fantasies.

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Anita Adhikary said...

Susan, our class has thoroughly enjoyed being buddies with your class. It is extremely gratifying to see how well the students work together. You are one awesome teacher, and I feel that I have found a good friend in you. Thank you so much for all the wonderful activities that you have introduced. I am sure that our buddies have found each other as well. I am confident that their friendship will blossom even more next year.