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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden Plan

One of our big projects this month was mathematical, scientific and esthetic in nature. As posted previously, Joanna sent us a special letter asking for a garden to be planned following specific parameters: each child needed to figure out square footage and perimeter, draw a picture of the garden to scale, and do lots of research to find different varieties of flowers. We used books, flower catalogs, and the internet for our research, and practiced taking notes about blooming season, color, height, and botanical name. Then, children needed to translate that information to a chart, using special consideration for color and how well the flowers would work together.

Here are a couple of examples - Freya, Noah and Erin used different methods, but each did an excellent job in translating their research in a way that clearly illustrates their vision.

We are heading off to The Produce Station tomorrow afternoon to pick out some REAL flowers for our garden. Planting day is Friday! I can't wait to see what our garden planners can come up with together.

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