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Monday, March 23, 2009

This Week's Bloggers - Lukas and Lila!

This is a page about what we do at the playground at recess. We climb the zip line and monkey bars. Here is a list of tricks and stuff on the monkey bars and zip line.

The list of things:

The flying squirrel,
Hang by knees,
Get down hard ways,
Pocket trick,
Get on hard ways,
Swing down from edge and
Zip line,
Scoot backwards,
Carry stuff,
Move handle,
Scoot sideways,
Jump down,
Spider crawl,
Monkey crawl
And sloth crawl.

We all think that this is fun and educational.


Paul Resnick said...

Thanks for the informative post. It's good to know what all the kids are doing on the playground!

Joanna said...

Those are very rainforesty activities. I particularly like the Sloth Crawl. It does look fun and educational, as well as being very good for your strength and fitness. Thanks for telling everyone about it!

Emilie Lin said...

Hi Lila and Lukas,
I love the little poem you wrote (or is it not qualified as a poem? Ask Mrs. Carpenter for me). Now I know who to ask for help if I need someone to write lyrics for my compositions.
Ms. Emilie (Peter's Mom)

Lila, Doug and Rebecca said...

Dear Emilie,
My mom thought it was a poem too, but it is a list. Lukas and I could probably write lyrics for you. Thanks. - Lila

detroitnochikaku said...

I am particularly interested in seeing "flying squarrel" trick...

Hiromi (Selden's mom)