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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spike, Senior, RIP

Today was filled with excitement as the children noticed that Spike (the 1st) was running around NEKKID, without his shell. At first, they were excited because they thought they were witnessing a shell change. However, the sad news is that this shell change is normally done in the middle of the night and very quickly. When hermit crabs are just hanging out without a shell that is usually a very bad sign.

The claw hanging out without a body attached was another bad sign.

Anyway, after a split second of sadness, a flurry of activity happened - signs, posters, newspaper articles, etc. The funeral has been planned to the smallest detail - the grave site, tomb stones, etc. Excited talk has filled the classroom as the children rush about with the news. Funeral on Friday! Wear Black!

This reminds me of a joke:

There was a little girl named Myrtle, who had a pet turtle she loved very much. One day, Myrtle's father came home and found Myrtle crying. "Why are you crying, Myrtle?" "Boo-hoo, my turtle died," sobbed Myrtle. "Don't cry, Myrtle," said her father, trying to cheer her up. "We will get a cigar box to bury him in, and some flowers, and at least we can give him the nicest funeral a turtle ever had. You can even invite your friends."

Myrtle cheered up immediately, and they got a cigar box and flowers, and invited her friends over for the funeral. They all made a solemn procession into the back yard, and Myrtle's father dug a hole for a grave. Then they all stood around and sang a sad and lovely song.

It was a beautiful funeral.

Just as they were about to close the cover on the cigar box and place it in the grave, the turtle poked his head out of his shell. "Look, Myrtle, look!" cried Myrtle's father. Your turtle is still alive!"

Myrtle looked at the turtle weaving his head. She looked at her friends. She looked at the flowers and the grave. Then she looked at her father.

"Let's kill him!" she said.

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