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Friday, September 28, 2007

How Do You Say "Thank You" in Japanese?

This afternoon we were visited by Rey Sone, a special friend of Megan's family. Rey is from Japan, and was eager to share some of her culture with us. What a treat! We made origami hats, made special Japanese symbols with ink and rice paper, and practiced using chopsticks. Rey was so generous - not only with her time, but with her materials. She insisted on leaving our classroom with supplies for future projects. I'll be sure to have the children write a special thank you note next week.

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sunnie said...

Wow! What a chance to learn Asian cultures. Japanese and Chinese share a lot of cultures. Japanese borrowed some Chinese characters to create their own same as calligraphy. I was thinking about introducing Chinese calligraphy to Justin, but wondered when will be appropriate (I thought he was too little to learn it). Now he learned it from school, and I think it is good timing to introduce him some more Chinese art including Chinese painting. Thank you so much for this special chance to learn beauty of Asian cultures. Sunnie