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Saturday, April 7, 2018

This Week in Review - April 2 - 6

                          This information is also found in Walter's weekly email:

We finished up our unit on area and perimeter this week in Math class by doing some fun review, mostly using Lego (who doesn’t like Lego, right?) 

We also voted on what to buy using our flea market money, and the children received a couple of new games, pencils, and 10 sets of dice. The pencils are used for workbook time, and the games and dice were used on Friday for a special “game day”.

Here, dice are used for a fun, fast-paced game called Tenzi.
Parent helper Jason teaches our new math game Clumsy Thief. We need a review on making 100!
A lot of great project work is underway this week – our cardboard city is coming along nicely, and we are branching out to include puppet making. Each child in Grace’s and my class has made a puppet to represent a worker or inhabitant of the building that they are making. This puppet will be involved in a pen pal writing project in future weeks with another puppet, as we learn all about character traits (both external and internal), point of view, authentic letter writing, and more.

Here are some works in progress:

We are making city planning maps, making serious decisions about what to put in a city, and where to put it. We are learning about compass roses, map keys, and more.

Making blueprints, and then making the blueprint come to life with cardboard, tape, glue, and spatial intelligence. Here is the sports arena for our cardboard city - almost ready for paint.

Here are the plans for the airport, and then the final project (before paint and final decoration).

Here are some of the workers and inhabitants of the city - so sweet!

Our routines included library time, quiet and buddy reading, spelling, special readers (Ian and Alex this week), and listening to great picture books and our current chapter book. We spent a lot of time outside, and children are having fun – even with the wacky weather. The “trading post” activity is especially popular.


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