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Friday, March 23, 2018

This Week in Review - March 19 - 22

                                              This information is also found in Walter's Weekly Email:

In math this week, we put the finishing touches to two big projects. Our tiny houses have been sent home (after pictures were taken and reflection questions were answered). 

We also had our pi chain proudly hung in the atrium - over 800 links! After spring break, we will do some review of area and perimeter, circle back to some place value concepts, and then go on to some new and exciting projects.

We had a couple of very special activities this week. We were special guests of the 5th/6th grade Latin play as they performed The Myth of Pyramus and Thisbe. Another real highlight was when Maurita and Roger (grandparents of Nels) came in to share a story. Roger, who is blind, shared a gorgeous picture book called What Color is the Wind which he had translated into Braille. Each child also received a list of our class roster written in Braille, and got all of their questions patiently answered.

Normal routines included writing memoirs and memory book pages, hearing from two special readers (Jackson and Miles), quiet and buddy reading, and illustrating a special poem about a windy March day. Of course, we read our chapter book, The Vanderbeekers, whenever time allowed.

Spring Break means Spring Cleaning, right? Our Environmental Super Heroes did themselves proud on Thursday by making a "green" cleaning solution, decorating a work apron, and using reusable cloth rags to clean their desks, chairs, and the tables and chairs in the atrium. The school smells so good!

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