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Friday, March 9, 2018

This Week in Review - March 5 - 9

                 This information is also found in Walter's weekly email:

In math this week, the children priced, sorted, and waited with great anticipation for the big event - Thursday’s “S-K City Flea Market” - the culmination of weeks of money skill practice. 

It was a lot of fun as the children shopped for great deals. Irma and Gladys (plus a couple of fun parent helpers) were there to run the show, while teachers Susan and Grace had an important meeting with Walter. Too bad the teachers always seem to be called away on the best day of math class!

EB’s continued this week, and I’ve heard great reviews about each. These are always such a wonderful time for both students and teachers - I particularly love getting to know children from other classrooms who I don’t normally get to work with, and to see different cooperative groups forming.

In homeroom, we wrote beautiful City poems to accompany our paint swatch skyscraper art projects. 

Buildings towering over the sky
They are very beautiful
It is bustling
Tons of people
It is a magic world underground
Trains underground and people are getting out and in


We also illustrated March Wind in our poetry anthology, which was particularly fitting on this blustery week. Lexi and Mia did a fantastic job as special readers on Wednesday. We are learning more about the travails of our family in The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street. Will they get to stay in their brownstone, or will they lose their lease?

On Thursday, we did a deep dive into our How Cities Work book, this time to the section on green spaces and city parks. We talked about our own County Farm Park and on what makes it such a special place. Then children worked solo, in pairs, or in small groups to design and create 3D representations of their own “ideal city park”, using craft materials like craft sticks, dried moss, polished stones, model magic, etc.

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